Updated Jun25,2016

Kindly read the below terms and conditions carefully and cooperate with i-cue to help us service you systematically and to the best of our ability.

Delivery-When & How

  • Issue and return dates of Book Kits are pre determined. An sms reminder will sent prior to the delivery date
  • Delivery date can be rescheduled only once.
  • If there is nobody present at the door to receive the delivery or return the book kits,the delivery will be re-scheduled once. If no one is present to receive the delivery and return the book kit the next time too, the delivery will be skipped.

Damages-what it means

  • At i-cue we understand that some amount of wear and tear takes place while the books are in circulation. In the event a book is damaged by the child to an extent that we find it unsuitable for circulation to other children, the member will be charged the cost of the book plus Rs. 50/- processing fee towards the damages. The damaged book will then be handed over to the child to keep

Damages include:

  • Pages torn partially or fully
  • Pen marks/non-removable scratches on pages.
  • Torn/damaged flaps/ movable parts of books.
  • Water damage
  • Pages stuck together
  • If the complete Book Kit with all its contents (5 books) is not returned, i.e. if the book or the kit is lost/misplaced.Each lost book will be charged the cost of the book plus Rs. 50/- processing fee. The Book Kit will be charged Rs. 1500/-
  • A bill will be raised for the books lost or book kit lost. If the payment is not made within two weeks, the delivery will be suspended till the payment is made.

Thank you for helping us to build a community of readers